Projects and references

Below you can read about some of our projects that we have delivered our solutions to on the Swedish market.

If you are interested in a product presentation or if you have any questions dont hesitate to call us on +468 - 12 875 050.


Kv Embryot

In the middle of 2015 the work at Kv Embryot started. The project consists of 433 appartments in Flemmingsberg, Stockholm. 

All the windows and all the connections between the balconys and the facade has been sealed with Fentrim IS 2. 

Norrlands universitetssjukhus byggnad 5B


Norrlands Universitetssjukhus

House 5B consisits of 7 levels thats extended with two aditional levels. The realestate has been refurbished and all the windows are installed with the insualtionmaterial Red Air Link from Rockwool. 

In the detail between the concrete facade and the rockwool red air Link, Fentrim IS 2 are used to seal both from the outside and the inside. 


Sollentuna Sjukhus

The renovation of Sollentuna sjukhus started in 2015. In the construction PEAB are using several products from SIGA for airtight sealings.